ABiCì comes from a conscious choice

Abicì was born from the love for my daughter Giulia and strives to send a message to future generations, to whom we leave both planet Earth and values worth defending.

I firmly believe that adults can change the world’s destiny, mainly through the education of their children and raising their awareness.

Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental principles that inspired the creation of the Abicì product line, which is rich with ground-breaking natural ingredients, devoid of animal-derived components, and that also gives particular importance to sustainability in terms of packaging.

Prodotti naturali per l'igiene dei bambini
Abicì Prodotti naturali per l'igiene dei bambini

I have personally followed the birth and development of each product, choosing the texture, ingredients, and scents to arrange a full range of skincare products specifically formulated for kids.
Abicì takes care of children who have already stepped into the world but still depend on their moms’ choices when it comes to body care.

Our formulations are the result of the collaboration with the renowned University of Siena, famous for its expertise in cosmetic technologies, and the work of an exceptional group of people that share my values and needs as a conscious mother.
For our children, we have created safe products, free of aggressive chemicals, suitable for their skin, and conceived for their daily appointment with well-being. Precious moments that are shared with those who look after them and will forever remain in their hearts.

In the end, Abicì is a wonderful story written by conscious parents, where children are the main characters, and planet Earth is the beneficiary.
Barbara Ferraro
Ceo di My Julia